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Clean Star -  Home And Garden World is a family owned and operated business, featuring many decor products for the home and garden and your decorating needs. We know how your home and garden reflects who you are and this is important to us. The decor and accents inside your home are, what makes a home feel warm and inviting. The Outdoor and Garden Decor is, what adds a special charm to your garden, yard or patio and will make the times you spend in your garden even more enjoyable.

Home and Garden Decor

Home And Garden Decorating Tips

☞ Lifestyles have changed throughout the years and more and more people are decorating there porches, patios and gardens with Outdoor Garden Decor.
Did you know, even things like an old or broken pitcher or vase can be a nice accent in a flower bed? Personal items, things you actually would consider to throw them away, might make a nice garden ornament after giving it a second thought. Give it a try!

☞ Candles, one of the most popular home decor accents, can be used just about anywhere - even outdoors.
But always remember: Safety comes first!
If you plan on hanging candles from a tree to give your next garden party or family gathering on your patio that extra touch, place them in fire proof and break resistant containers, deep enough, so the wicks will be a few inches below the rim. You want assure, no sparks or flames to blow out. Also, make sure the candles will be hung high enough so they will be out of reach for children and pets.
The candle container's handle should be made from wire and long enough to prevent the candle flame in no way could reach any leaves or branches of the tree.
Candles, used outdoors, should not be left outside but before bringing them into your garage or any other dry storage place indoors, make always sure the candles are fully extinguished.

☞ Every room should have a focal point. This could be a fireplace, a big picture on the wall or even an architectural feature. The focal point should always be the first thing that catches your eye in the room - something really interesting to look at.

If the room does not have a focal point, you can easily create one using art work, floral arrangements, a big statue, an indoor water fountain or even a big furniture piece. Painting just one wall in a different color can also create a focal point. Then start arranging your Home Decor and Accents and if possible your furniture around this focal point. Choose decorative accents with contrasting colors to make your focal point stand out.

☞ To protect all your Outdoor Garden Decor, spray it at least once a year with a Clear Acrylic Sealer. This protects your garden decor and accents from the harsh weather elements of summer and winter. It will also help to maintain their color. We do that with all our outdoor decorations in our garden and you won't believe how much longer they will last.

☞ You can easily change the look of a room just by exchanging some of your existing home decor and accents, like e.g. the throw pillows, area rugs and to add some new Home Decor Accents every now and then.
You will be surprised what a big difference even small changes and additions can make to the look and feel of a room without you would have to spend lots of money and time in re-decorating.

☞ Remember, your Home and Garden reflects who you are, so choose Home and Garden Decor that goes with your personality and lifestyle instead of following trends only.
It is just as important to decorate the outside, as it is to decorate the inside of your home. Both places are where you entertain your family and friends and you want them to feel comfortable and welcome.

☞ Did you know, Outdoor Garden Decor can help bringing life into your yard and garden? Birdhouses, a very popular item used for garden decorating, will not only accent your garden, they also will attract more  birds. Just make sure and clean your birdhouses out after your feathered friends are done raising their young ones.

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